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DIY Body Butter Bars

DIY Body Butter Bars | With LovelyWinter skin deserves extra love – whether it’s prepping for a day at the beach here in California (sorry, East Coasters – it really is beautiful here!) or suffering through seasonal storms pretty much anywhere else. Either way, these luxurious DIY body butter bars make even the driest knees and elbows silky smooth.

Whip them up in just a few minutes and pair them with your favorite exfoliating scrub for the softest skin of your life. I love how easy and mess-free body butter bars are to apply, not to mention how pretty they look – especially brushed with a layer of edible gold dust! (more…)

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12 Months of DIYs

12 Months of DIY Projects for 2014 | With Lovely,
Happy (almost) new year! If your resolution is to craft more, this round-up will definitely come in handy!

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Peppermint Bark Whipped Body Butter

DIY Peppermint Bark Whipped Body Butter | With Lovely,
Chai truffles, pumpkin pie sugar scrub, coconut-almond body wash — I’m kind of obsessed with dessert-inspired beauty products. This peppermint bark whipped body butter is my favorite yet!  It smells exactly like peppermint bark (but wears off so you don’t walk around smelling like a candy bar all day) and it makes your skin incredibly soft!

I’m planning on printing some cute gift tags and making this for pretty much everyone on my Christmas list.


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DIY Beach Wave Hair Spray

DIY Beach Wave Hair Spray | With Lovely,

I love the way my hair looks after a trip to the beach, but it would be more like fog-bathing than sun-bathing in SF this time of year, which doesn’t sound nearly as fun, so I decided to try my hand at DIY-ing a beach wave hair spray.


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Fancy Candy Jewelry + Sugarfina Giveaway

Candy Jewelry for Grown Ups | With Lovely

I may be in my mid-twenties, but I love candy as much now as I did when I was five. My tastes are a bit more discerning, though, so I was thrilled to discover Sugarfina, a boutique candy company that curates a collection of high-quality confections just for grown ups (like Champagne Gummy Bears—cheers!).

Sugarfina’s candies are not only delicious, but also really, really pretty. So pretty, that I wanted to wear them like gems. Hey, if candy has grown up, it’s high time that candy jewelry gets an update too!

Want to make your own? Enter below to win a Sugarfina Mini Bento Box and read on for the tutorials! Just want to gobble them up? That’s okay too, I won’t judge.


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Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub | With Lovely,

This pumpkin pie sugar scrub combines all the delicious flavors of the classic autumn treat.

Head over to Fit and Fab Living for the full tutorial!


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Blackberry Tinted Lip Balm

Blackberry Tinted Lip Balm | With Lovely,

The best way to get berry-kissed lips? Actual berries!

Make this summery blackberry tinted lip balm from a couple of fresh (or frozen) blackberries and a bit of chapstick. Easy peasy!


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Almond Joy Sugar Scrub Cubes

Almond Joy Sugar Scrub Cubes | With Lovely,

These truffle-like almond joy bars may look, smell, and even taste delicious, but don’t go sinking your teeth in just yet! Instead, treat your skin to dessert.

Your shower will feel indulgent, and you’ll emerge with silky smooth skin that smells like your favorite candy bar (don’t worry, it’s subtle). Bonus: the cocoa powder in these sugar scrub cubes is high in antioxidants, which can help flush out toxins and repair cell damage. (more…)

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Coconut Almond Body Wash

DIY Body Wash | With Lovely,It’s really satisfying to make something you can use every day. This super easy DIY body wash is made with just two ingredients, looks like Swiss meringue, and smells like heaven.  (more…)

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Heart-Shaped Hair Clip

Heart-Shaped Hair Clip | With LovelyComplex, multi-day projects can be fun, but most of the time my DIYs of choice take less than 10 minutes and use stuff I already have laying around.

I made this gold, heart-shaped hair clip with scrap leather, a gold Sharpie, a mini hair clip, and some hot glue while lounging in my mom’s backyard in Marin last weekend. Doesn’t she have a great view??

I think this DIY accessory will be perfect for dressing up my hair for a party without too much effort or just adding a little love to a basic outfit. It would also be great as a bridesmaid accessory (so many cute photo possibilities!) (more…)

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