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FP Ever After Free Wedding Printables

Free People Ever After Collection via With Lovely,Whether you’re in the midst of wedding planning, love ogling lacy white dresses and sparkly rings (I know I’m not the only one!) or just want to up your cocktail game, I have some excellent news for you: Free People is launching a bridal collection and we’re sharing some lovely free wedding printables to celebrate. Let’s cheers to that with a cherry mojito, shall we? (more…)

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DIY Cocktail Stirrers + Sugarfina Giveaway

Valentine's Day Cocktail Stirrers | With Lovely, + SugarfinaI have a serious crush on Sugarfina. Their gourmet candy is as delicious as it is pretty (which is saying a lot, since it can pretty much pass as jewels), and it can make even the simplest of DIYs look special. My other big crush? You. That’s why I’m giving away a Sugarfina gift set to a lucky winner! What do you say – will you be my Valentine? (Click through and scroll to the bottom of the post to enter)

I won’t blame you if you just want to eat the candy as soon as it arrives. That’s probably what normal people do when presented with tasty treats. But if you’re like me, and feel like they’re just too beautiful to eat (yet), they also happen to make some pretty sweet DIY cocktail stirrers that are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


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Mayan Butternut Squash Hot Chocolate

Butternut Squash Hot Chocolate | With Lovely,I know what you’re thinking: this sounds weird. But I promise, it doesn’t taste weird. Unless by weird, you mean rich, creamy, chocolatey, and delicious. One thing it doesn’t taste like: squash. Hey, I didn’t lead you astray with my last crazy chocolate + veggie recipe, did I?

Even my nine-year-old neighbor (who just so happens to be the daughter of a chef and a chocolatier) will tell you this is the yummiest hot chocolate ever. Little did she know the main ingredient was a vegetable! (more…)

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Stone Fruit Sangria Floats + Eatwell Farm

Stone Fruit Sangria FloatsI just got my first farm box from Eatwell Farm and I’m a little bit obsessed. There aren’t many things better than opening up a surprise box of super fresh fruits and veggies grown by local farmers! Except maybe cooking with those super fresh fruits and veggies. Or eating them. Okay, let’s just agree that it will make your whole week better, shall we?

Some of my favorite goodies this week were the peaches and plums. The summer weather (which thankfully has chased away the fog here in SF!) inspired me to mix up some stone fruit sangria floats, and they were even tastier than I could have imagined.   (more…)

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Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk w/ dates, vanilla & coconut milk | With Lovely,

You know the fancy schmancy almond milk you ogle at Whole Foods (those specks of vanilla bean? a hint of sea salt? yum!)? Not the cheap dairy substitute stuff that comes in a carton and has a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, but the good stuff next to the fancy schmancy juices that makes you seriously consider whether it could possibly be delicious enough to be worth $12/tiny bottle.

Well, it is really really delicious. But $12 is a lot for a non-alcoholic drink. Solution: make it yourself!


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Holiday Cocktail Stirrers

DIY Cocktail Stirrers for a Holiday Party | With Lovely,

I’m head-over-heels for anything miniature, so it was love at first sight (read: impulse purchase) when I came across some adorable mini gift boxes.

Turns out they’re even cuter in the form of DIY holiday cocktail stirrers! These would make a perfect addition to a glass of spiked eggnog, a jar of spiced cider, or a flute of bubbly at your winter fête (just think of all the photo ops!)


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Vanilla, Chocolate, & Strawberry Milk

Neapolitan Milk | With Lovely, This week, I discovered three important things: 1) you can get adorable little glass bottles for $1.50 each at Daiso, 2) dresses make excellent backdrops (this one’s from Target), and 3) homemade flavored milk is delicious and incredibly easy to make. (more…)

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5 Lovely Summer Cocktails

5 Lovely Summer Cocktails | With Lovely
I know I’m still jumping the gun a bit on summer, but it’s officially June now, and that’s close enough, right? I hope so, because I’ve been making tons of tasty frozen treats, eyeing some gorgeous beachy looks, and soaking up as much sun as I can find.

Next on my list? Scooping up some of the season’s delicious bounty (cherries and peaches and honeydew, oh my!) to make these lovely summer cocktails(more…)

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Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade

Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade // With Lovely,

I love fresh strawberries, but I have a terrible habit of forgetting I’ve bought them until they’re past their peak. So, what do you do when life gives you slightly overripe strawberries? Make strawberry kiwi lemonade, of course.

Bonus: the leftover strawberry kiwi pulp makes a great vitamin C brightening facial.  (more…)

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