Washi Wednesdays : Fringe

DIY Fringe Washi Tape | With Lovely,

Add some festive flare to your party invites, presents, and even mason jars with this piñata-esque fringe washi tape.

All you need is some double-sided tape, streamers, and about 5 minutes and you’ve got yourself a pretty roll of washi tape to add to – or start – your collection.

I liked this project so much, I decided to make it a series. Every Wednesday this month, I’ll share a new DIY washi tape tutorial. I’m super excited about next week’s washi tape, so make sure to check back on the 11th!

DIY Fringe Washi Tape | With Lovely,


  • Double-sided tape*
  • Streamers
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors

* I used mounting tape,which says it’s permanent but actually peeled off everything I stuck it to very easily and without leaving any residue. You could also use standard scotch double-sided tape for a thinner version, if you don’t mind that it’s not removable.


  1. Cut a piece of wax paper as long as you’d like your washi tape to be. This will be your backing. 
  2. Stick a piece of double-sided tape to to the wax paper. It’s easiest to get a straight edge if you line it up flush with the top of the wax paper.
  3. Cut a strip of streamer as long as your tape.
  4. Fold the streamer three or four times (to speed up the fringe process), then use scissors to make 1/2 inch slits every 1/8 inch or so. The amount of streamer above the slits should be at least as wide as the tape you’re using.
  5. Carefully position the streamer on top of the double-stick tape so the fringe begins right below the bottom of the tape.
  6. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to trim the overhang of the streamer above the tape. If you’d prefer thinner washi tape, you can also trim the top of the streamer-covered tape to your desired width.
  7. Store in strips or wrap around an empty toilet paper roll (cut in thirds) and secure with twine or embroidery floss.

DIY Fringe Washi Tape | With Lovely,

See, wasn’t that easy?


With Lovely,


PS: What kind of washi tape do you want to learn to make? Tell me in the comments section below and you’ll probably see a tutorial for it later this month! 

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