Heart-Shaped Hair Clip

Heart-Shaped Hair Clip | With LovelyComplex, multi-day projects can be fun, but most of the time my DIYs of choice take less than 10 minutes and use stuff I already have laying around.

I made this gold, heart-shaped hair clip with scrap leather, a gold Sharpie, a mini hair clip, and some hot glue while lounging in my mom’s backyard in Marin last weekend. Doesn’t she have a great view??

I think this DIY accessory will be perfect for dressing up my hair for a party without too much effort or just adding a little love to a basic outfit. It would also be great as a bridesmaid accessory (so many cute photo possibilities!)Heart-Shaped Hair Clip | With LovelyMaterials:

  • 1 piece of leather (2–4 square inches)
  • Scissors
  • Gold Sharpie or craft paint
  • Hair clip (I used a mini one, but you could use a normal-sized clip if you make the heart a little bigger)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut a heart shape out of your leather. Tip: For best results, fold the leather in half, draw half a heart with the Sharpie, and snip along the line to create a symmetrical heart.
  2. Cover the heart with gold Sharpie or craft paint and let dry
  3. Snap the hair clip so it’s open, apply a generous dot of hot glue to each end, and press down on un-colored side of the leather heart for 60 seconds.
  4. Let the hot glue dry and you’re done!

Heart-Shaped Hair Clip | With Lovely

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